May 25, 2018

It’s Getting Real

The renovations are coming along.  The sheetrocking process is the final stages and the flooring is being installed.  We are using 24 x 24 limestone in the majority of the home.  We are using cork flooring in the media/game room and 1st floor guest room and seagrass will be used on the upper level. The painters are prepping the exterior.  The process requires removal of the existing paint from all of the concrete and steel beams and lots of scaffolding. 

Tiles stacked and ready for installation

Tiles stacked and ready for installation

March 4, 2018

While the renovations are moving along, there is not alot to share In the way of pictures.  The siding is almost complete, the painters are prepping the exterior and the electricians are still wiring.    We met with John Coulter from Poggenphol to confirm that the kitchen electrical and plumbing meet the kitchen design needs.  We are experiencing a delay with our doors for the main level balcony and pool kitchen.  They are having trouble installing them so this is really pushing back having the house dried in.   Hopefully, they will be able to resolve the issues this week.   I will update with pictures as soon as there is something to share.

February 10, 2018

There has been quite a bit of activity since my last update.  Plumbing, electrical, heating and air, siding and roofing continues.   Skylights have been installed.  The window walls are scheduled to be installed next week so the old doors and walls have been removed.  The house is almost dried in which means it shouldn’t be too much longer before insulation, sheet rock and flooring begin.  Exterior painting has begun. We have been working with Troy Spurlin Interiors throughout the entire renovation process and the design is almost complete and waiting for installation.  Check out the pictures below to see all the progress. 


These skylights are over the kitchen, living  and dining areas.

Main Level Window Wall

Pictured here is the main level opening for the window wall.  

Pool Kitchen Window Wall

This room will be a pool kitchen with a Bath for easy access from the pool or the beach.

Exterior Paint

The painter painted a sample wall for approval.  The color is exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to see the entire house finished.

Interior Design

Working with the team at Troy Spurlin Interiors has been an awesome experience.  These are the fabrics, paint and wallpaper for the first floor guest room.

Everybody needs a Gator Room

This one’s for Tim

January 17, 2018

The weather has not been working in our favor, however over the last few days we have seen significant progress.  I was at the house today and there was lots of activity.  Heating and air, electrical, siding and roofing.  I love how the the new exterior looks.  


It’s January 4, 2018 and we welcome the new year.  During the month of December heating and air work continued as did electrical.  The old roof was removed and work began on the exterior.  The exterior doors have also been installed.

January began with freezing temperatures so that has slowed progress a bit.   Over the next few weeks we should see quite a bit of progress so check back for updates.  Below are photos of exterior updates.