After months of planning and permitting, the demolition has begun.  It is so exciting to see progress.  So far the only issue that has been discovered is some copper piping which has to be replaced, but we have been told that is no big deal!  Fingers crossed the demo goes smoothly.  

Check out the demo photos

The Fireplace

 Massive fireplaces of brick or natural stone dominating the home's living room is one of the features of mid-century modern architecture.  Often, as in our home's case, it is planted right in the center of the room. While we appreciate the history and statement of the fireplace in our home, it blocks the views of the ocean from the kitchen, which is where we spend a great deal of time. We chose to have the fireplace removed and it was not an easy task. Scaffolding had to erected around the entire structure. Once the scaffolding was in place, the stone and concrete were demolished from the top down.  

Check out the before and after