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Photo credit for the above goes to our architect, Michael Dunlap.  

Update November 4, 2018

 I have a new update page that shows before, progress, and upon completion, after photos. Click on Progress below.


Mid-Century Makeover

Beach Front Mid-Century Makeover

The beach is my therapy.  The sound of the surf crashing against the shore and the beauty of the  horizon where the sky meets the ocean soothe my soul.  I love the feel of the sand in my toes as I walk along God's beautiful creation.  I can't believe that I get to call the beach my yard and the ocean my swimming pool.   Tim and I fell in love with the mid-century modern house nestled atop a dune in Ponte Vedra.   The house was designed by Robert Broward and was built in 1988.   In an effort to update and make the house our own, we are doing a complete renovation while keeping the integrity of Broward's design.  Join us as we experience the ups, downs and excitement of our renovation. 


The house was designed by Robert Broward.  According to an article on Jacksonville.com, Broward was a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Our home is featured in the article, however, it is mis-identified in the photograph.  It is actually the Klein/Kelly residence, not the Dake residence.  The link to the article is http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2015-06-28/story/architect-robert-c-broward-1926-2015-one-our-regional-treasures#

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We are Tim and Jerri Mann.  We were married in 2008.  We love our blended family, Dusty, Tripp, Ricki Lynn, Ellie and our Angel in Heaven, Drake.  Our 4-legged kids Pongo and Simba also known as the Disney Dogs, keep us company now that we are empty-nesters.  Tim and I are trying retirement but I'm not sure how that will play out. 

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